New Year Supplier Holiday Notice

Vacation time for different brand suppliers:

(Please note that supplier holidays only affect out-of-stock products. Products in stock will normally be shipped within 3-5 days at any time.)

JoySunday:January 20, 2024.

DIY:January 25, 2024.

Jinglei:January 26, 2024.

Spring: January 28, 2024.

Xiegao: January 31, 2024.

Yishu: February 1, 2024.

Huacan: February 8, 2024.

(This means that if the product of the corresponding brand is out of stock, it will be replenished before the corresponding supplier goes on vacation. For example, if you purchase products that are out of stock on JoySunday after January 20th, these products will be separately arranged to be shipped after February 16th)


Please note that if you want to buy a product whose SKU has "psw", "AB" or any product with a SKU with letters, you will have to wait until February 16th to resume normal production(Orders containing this type of product will be shipped separately after February 16th).