How to do after embroidery?

How to wash printed cross stitch?

   Before washing the printed cross-stitch, we should clean our hands to avoid soiling the cross-stitch. When cleaning, just wash with water, do not dry clean. Use cold or warm water with a neutral detergent, and then soak the printed cross stitch in the water for a few minutes. Do not rub or squeeze it when cleaning, just rinse it until the printed color disappears, and then rinse it again with clean water .


How to maintain cross stitch?

   First of all, from the perspective of embroidery, we must keep our hands clean before embroidery, and wash our hands frequently to prevent the embroidery cloth and embroidery thread materials from getting oil on our hands.

If you use cross-stitch fabric hoops or stretchers, you must take off the embroidery after each embroidery to avoid dust.

And when using embroidery thread, it is best to keep the length at 50 cm, which can prevent knotting or pilling. After each embroidery, it must be stored in a sealed bag to prevent contamination.


   Then, for the embroidered finished products, you can use a neutral detergent to clean them, just soak and rinse them directly, don't rub them, don't wash them with soap.

After washing, it is best to iron it with a steam iron. When ironing, spread a piece of cloth on the table. The embroidered side is reversed and the back is facing up. If the top can be ironed with a layer of light-colored cloth, the effect will be better. Be careful not to adjust the temperature too high to prevent the fabric from being ironed.

After ironing, frame it or clip it to a flat place. It is best to frame it and keep it away from moisture or exposure to the sun.